Agumon - Digimon before Remix10tails.

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there seriously

needs to be a damn ramen/sushi place by my area… i cant stand carls jr, subway, and yoshinoya!



Seeing a tumblr URL that is almost completely like yours.
just realized today is thursday

boneless wings….

ughhhhhhhh no

forget it

too tired…

i need to wash my car too man! faaaaaaaaaack



She’s 50 years old
She’s older than both Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo.
and she does all her own stunts

AND she’s the voice of Mulan

SHE’S 50!? WHAT!?
maybe i should get snacks.. well later

too hot to even walk outside my door!



me at pokemon daycare

I had to reblog this again
I’m not going anymore but you guys should!