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Anonymous said: Can you even wake up that early to hike though?

Then I was like:

not to hike, gonna go to city of industry by bus, it takes us 3 hours T_T


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Was just told

that we have to leave around 6:30-7am on saturday just to make our plans work…. that should be fun and interesting…

My friends and I are going back to City of Industry on Saturday, we came up on a lot of comics and we are going back to find more and there were even a few places in there that were selling games so we’re gonna see the prices! Anyways it was crazy because it took us almost 3 hours by bus and it was hands down the funnest thing ever, seriously that was an awesome adventure!

I don’t have much cash to get stuff but I’m helping these guys out.

2 of my friends found darkclaw and I need to find it again!

anthonytheadventurer said: Yeah I understand that, well just know youll be backed by your fans no matter your decision ^-^

Then I was like:

thank you :)

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thatonegirlyouprobablyhate said: If you do, welp, I'll miss you and I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything goes your way! :)

Then I was like:

thanks :)

but yeah im still thinking about it, but i am gonna miss this part of my internet life, it helped occupy my mind when i would wait on people

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anthonytheadventurer said: Well if you do delete your tumblr we will miss having you here! (For those who dont use twitter)

Then I was like:

thats why i dont want to, i actually enjoy talking to my subs and everyone whether they follow me on twitter or tumblr mutually or idk

im just thinking right now about it

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thinking about deleting my tumblr

to be honest, i dont want to but i feel like i should, i dont even use my facebook at all, im mostly on twitter or posting something on instagram, or just on youtube.

i only came to tumblr because it was just a lesser version of 4chan, not comparing because you cant compare the 2. but still idk

i might delete it and might not.


What Time Is It? by Robert Brown